GM Science Review - Comments on First Report

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Name: Andrew Kerry-Bedell Location (optional): Date: 21 August 2003
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I am genuinely concerned about the effects that GM has on both the unknown effects on UK wildlife and organic crops that border GM crop areas.

As a science graduate, it is known that bees, for example, can travel up to 6 miles for pollen, and so there is no safe distance away from grown GM crops without there being a risk of contamination.

As a director of an organic food delivery company our future would be directly threatened. Organic food consumption grew by 15% in 2002 from organic land growth of 91% (Soil Association report). All major retailers are also anti GM, so there would also be no effective market for these crops with over 80% of UK consumers (FoE study) anti GM.

We should also ban all GM imports from abroad and not bend to the financial might of countries such as the US who are determined to foist these technologies on us for no immediately apparent benefit for the UK public.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Kerry-Bedell
Sales and Marketing Director
Abel and Cole Ltd