GM Science Review Panel - Members' Interests

Professor Chris Leaver FRS

Sibthorpian Professor and Head of Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford. Member of BBSRC Council. Trustee of John Innes Foundation.

Members have declared personal and non-personal interests, that are current or within the last 5 years as follows:

Personal Interests
(i.e. those involving payment to the member personally)

Non-Personal Interests

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford

Sibthorpian Professor Professor of Plant Sciences

Head of Department

John Innes Foundation

Director, John Innes Bioprospects Ltd.

Director, John Innes Agriculture Ltd.

John Innes Foundation


John Innes Centre

Member, John Innes Centre Governing Council


Council Member

Individual Merit Promotion Panel

The Biochemical Society

Vice-Chair, Executive Committee

The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland


Oxford University Press


Institute of Molecular Biology, Singapore

Member, Scientific Advisory Board

Natural History Museum


Stiefel Laboratories Ltd.

Consultant 2001-2

External Scientific Advisory Board, Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology, University of Oporto, Portugal



Consultant 1998-2002

ITQB Advisory Committee, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Advisory Committee

Consiel Scientifique, Rhône-Poulenc, Paris

Consultant 1993-1999

Science Media Centre, Royal Institution of G.B.

Member of Science Advisory Panel



Isis Innovation Ltd., University of Oxford