GM Science Review - Comments on First Report

GM Science Review - Comments on First Report

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Name: Ms R Marsh Location (optional): St Helens Date: 30 July 2003
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It is all very well speculating on the likely effects of genetic modification but how can we possibly know.

Many devastating diseases in the human population are the result of one faulty gene, or gene mutation.

I am concerned that no consideration seems to be given to the fact that there is much we do not know about biology, and the intricacies of the natural world.

How can we possibly know that any effects can be controlled?

Why do we think we even have the right to tamper with nature in the first place.

If you want scientifically based comments, here's my story.

I have recently been very ill due to a working environment that involved long hours, no breaks and little access to food.

I became very underweight and displayed a range of symptoms from confusion and aggression to bowel problems and muscle weakness.

With the support of my GP, I used my interest in nutrition to radically change my diet.

I stopped existing on mass produced high fat/sugar food and changed to food produced locally and with minimal use of pesticides. My intake of fruit and vegetables dramatically increased and i also taught myself to cook properly. The result was that my symptoms of physical/emotional stress and depression resolved within 6 weeks. I have kept up with this new eating pattern and have never had more energy and drive.

I am also concerned that increasing use of GMOs will lead to a further reduction in the variety and disease resistance of global crops. There is already a crisis with banana crops being ravaged with disease, and there is a long history of various 'blights', the famous Irish potato famine being just one example.

I am also uncertain of the long term value of so called disease resistance. Globally, we already have a problem with antibiotic resistance due to organisms and species becoming resistant to various chemicals.

I feel that all attempts to modify organisms should be abandoned and that the human race should be looking at ways to live as part of nature, rather than its master.

Thank you for listening

Ms R Marsh
RN(M), DipN
St Helens UK