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Name: Susan James Location (optional): Date: 15 October 2003
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Dear Sir

GM Science Debate

One radical difference between traditional breeding and GM is the circumvention of natural species barriers, with results which would be impossible in the natural course of things.

This has been carried out over a most surprisingly short time-period, if one considers that these species barriers, acting as safeguards, have evolved over millennia.

GM radically alters the status quo in ways which are not remotely fully understood. Those who wish to promote it commercially have a duty to others to prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that it is safe. Adequate testing has not been done; consequently, it is too soon to apply this technology commercially.

The proposed 'quick fix' is surely unacceptable to responsible scientists and laypersons alike. No-one yet has satisfactorily explained the reason for this undue haste.

Yours faithfully,

Susan James

Secretary, Carmarthen Gene Concern