GM Science Review Panel - Members' Interests

GM Science Review Panel - Members' Interests

Professor Jules Pretty

Professor Jules Pretty is Director of the Centre for Environment and Society and member of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Essex. He has published widely, and his books include Agri-Culture: Reconnecting People, Land and Nature (2002), `The Living Land: Agriculture, Food and Community Regeneration in Rural Europe' (1998), `Regenerating Agriculture: Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self-Reliance' (1995), `Fertile Ground: The Impacts of Participatory Watershed Management (1999, co-authored), `The Trainers Guide for Participatory Learning and Action' (1995, co-authored); `The Hidden Harvest - Wild Foods and Agricultural Systems' (1992, co-authored); and `Unwelcome Harvest: Agriculture and Pollution' (1991, co-authored)

He is Deputy-Chair of the government's Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (ACRE). He is a regular speaker, contributor to media, and presenter of the 1999 BBC Radio 4 series Ploughing Eden and contributor and writer for the 2001 BBC TV Correspondent programme The Magic Bean. He received a 1997 award from the Indian Ecological Society for "International Contributions to Sustainable and Ecological Agriculture", and was runner-up for the 2002 European Sicco Mansholt Prize for agricultural science. He was appointed A D White Professor-at-Large by Cornell University for six years from 2001. He is a founding member of the Agricultural Reform Group and the Neighbourhood Think Tank, editorial advisor to academic journals, vice-president of Suffolk-ACRE, member of the Institute of Biology and British Agricultural History Society, adviser to government on social and environmental development, and adviser to the corporate sector. He was appointed to the International Jury for the Slow Food Award in 2002.

Members have declared personal and non-personal interests, that are current or within the last 5 years as follows:

Personal Interests
(i.e. those involving payment to the member personally)

Non-Personal Interests

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

University of Essex

Professor of Environment and Society & member of Dept. of Biological Sciences

Cornell University, Ithaca USA

AD White Professor at Large


Member of ACRE

Slow Food Movement (Italy)

Member of International Jury

International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability

Chief Editor

Unilever plc

Member of Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Board

Earthscan Publications Ltd


British Agricultural History Society




Suffolk-ACRE, Ipswich




Colchester Anti-Poverty Forum





Member of steering committee on Land Degradation and Assessment



Journals: Agriculture and Human Values, World Development, Int. J. of Agric. Resources, Governance and Ecology

Editorial Board



Institute of Biology