GM Science Review Panel - Members' Interests

Dr Brian Johnson

Senior advisor on biotechnology to the British Stautory nature conservation agencies and is head of the Agricultural Technologies Group at English Nature, the government's advisors on nature conservation. After pursuing academic research in population genetics and ecology, he has spent the last 19 years in nature conservation.

Members have declared personal and non-personal interests, that are current or within the last 5 years as follows:

Personal Interests
(i.e. those involving payment to the member personally)

Non-Personal Interests

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

English Nature

Head of Agricultural Technologies Group, Head of Biotechnology Advisory Unit (JNCC lead Agency)


Member of Advisory Group




Member of Environmental Genomics steering group



Bristol University

M Sc course in environmental management - member of advisory group



University of York

Member of ethics committee of Biology Dept