GM Science Review Panel - Members' Interests

Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison

Professor of Plant Cell Biology and Molecular Cytogenetics in University of Leicester. Research interests in genetic variation, biodiversity and evolution particularly in plants.

Members have declared personal and non-personal interests, that are current or within the last 5 years as follows:

Personal Interests
(i.e. those involving payment to the member personally)

Non-Personal Interests

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

University of Leicester


Genetics Society

Member and former committee member


Occasional adviser

Society for Experimental Biology

Member and former council member


Occasional adviser

- Malaysian Palm Oil Board


- EU

- Royal Society

- Japan Science and Technology

Current and previous research grants

Chromosome Research

Associate editor

Various Journals and research councils

Review of programmes and manuscripts

Annals of Botany

Associate editor



Examining for various Universities