GM Science Review Panel - Members

Members of the GM Science Panel were as follows. In each case, further details, including information about the member's interests, are available by clicking on the member's name.



Professor John Gray

Department of Plant Science, University of Cambridge

Professor of Molecular Ecology, Department of Biology, University of York

Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison

Department of Biology, University of Leicester

Professor Dianna Bowles OBE

Director of CNAP, Department of Biology

Professor Michael Wilson FRSE

Chief Executive, Horticulture Research International

Professor Chris Leaver FRS

Head Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford

Professor Mike Gale FRS

John Innes Centre, Norwich

Professor Bernard Silverman FRS

Master, St Peter's College, Oxford

Professor Mick Crawley FRS

Imperial College, Silwood Park, Berkshire

Professor Mike Gasson

Food Research Institute; Chair of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes

School of Biology Science, University of East Anglia

Dr Andrew Cockburn

Monsanto, Trumpington, Cambridge

Dr Simon Bright

Syngenta, Jealott's Hill International Research Centre

Dr Andrew Stirling

Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex

Revd Professor Michael Reiss

Institute of Education, University of London

Ms Julie Hill

Deputy Chair AEBC

Professor Jules Pretty

Director of Centre for Environment and Society, University of Essex

Professor Alan Gray OBE

NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Professor Janet Bainbridge OBE

Director Science and Technology, University of Teeside

Professor B Rima

Medical and Biological Centre, Queens University, Belfast

Dr Chitra Bharucha

Chair of Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs

Dr Mark Avery

Director of conservation, RSPB, Bedfordshire

Dr Brian Johnson

Head of Agricultural technologies, English Nature, Somerset

Professor Philip Dale

John Innes Centre, Norwich

Dr Bruce Pearce Deputy Research Director and Head of Operations at Elm Farm Research Centre
Dr Michael Antioniou Reader in Molecular Genetics at the GKT School of Medicine, King's College London